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Works Diverse is a company with its vision firmly set around improving Diversity, inclusion and equality in business. We work with companies to achieve the works diverse certification. We work with companies from any sector and of any size who employ people and care about their corporate social responsibility. We’re based in Ashford Kent which has great links all over Kent as well as into the centre of London but we’re happy to work all over the UK. 

We know that companies with over 250 staff are already being held accountable on issues around the gender pay gap by having to report  and there are laws in place to stop blatant discrimination in the workplace but we also know that so much more can be done. Earning the works diverse certification means that employers can take control and develop a unique and personal to them strategy to ensure that they’re doing everything that they can to ensure Diversity, inclusion and equality are the best that they can be in their company and for their sector.  We’re also currently in the process of setting up a separate CIC to allow Diversity inclusion and equality to be introduced at a grass roots level at local clubs, schools and organisations and allow partnerships between Works Diverse certification holding companies and their local communities. So watch this space!

We undertake a Diversity audit which comprises of us holding detailed meetings with management and board level staff to really get to know the company and understand the culture, we issue an anonymous staff wellbeing online survey that allows a detailed overview to be viewed on an aggregate level and then compile a Diversity, inclusions and equality report which is agreed between the company and us and fits to our benchmark values. Once agreed the company pledges to make the changes and improvements as well as continue to  uphold values and processes that are already in place. We then present your certification and allow you to be able to display the works diverse logo on company  websites, literature, email signatures etc.

For more information please do have a look at our website www.worksdiverse.com  and get in touch with Christie or Lucy on  [email protected] or call us for a chat on  0203 4751320