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Construction Jobs

Working in construction

2.35 million people work in construction in the UK and over a third of the workforce is self- employed. Careers in construction trade roles suit people who are practical, possess good motor,hand eye skills and enjoy working with physical things . Tradespeople can also move into professional and technician roles and there are many opportunities to progress.

There are over 700 different types of jobs in the construction industry, including:





bench joiner

dry liner

plant operator


painter & decorator

site engineer


quantity surveyor

demolition worker


heating installation engineer

road worker


Whatever area you choose to work in, English and maths will be important in order to measure and work out the materials you require ensuring that there is no waste. You may have to calculate how long the job will take, work out mixes using ratios, work out area, perimeter or volume as well as select the most cost effective supplier and calculate costs. You will need to communicate with a range of people and read information and understand information about health and safety.

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