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Is Co-Working Right for You?

Working in a collaborative space isn’t everybody’s cup of tea (or coffee..) but for others it can be a very beneficial experience. Below I will outline the pro’s and con’s of working in a co-working space.



Hearing other peoples stories and problems can often give you new ideas to better your business. Or maybe you’re stuck on a particular bit of code when building a website and need a helping hand, Co-working spaces are a community and others wants to help you succeed.


Making connections while you are building your business is never a bad thing, where else can you find other like-minded individuals that can help grow your business? With co-working spaces hosting a number of different businesses, you never know who you can have a chat with over a cup of tea.

Community Feeling

A co-working space gives you the chance to meet other people and get their opinions and can help you see things from a different perspective. Working alone from home can often feel lonely and make you feel isolated from the world. Having other people around can help us better ourselves, share our accomplishments or talk about our downfalls.


Here at Fruitworks we organize activities for our members so we can all get to know each-other outside of the office. These events bring more of a community feel to the office and get you out of the 9-5 grind. For instance, on a Friday the office goes out to lunch together somewhere in the heart of the city.

Low Overhead And Shared Costs

Co-working spaces make it possible to have an office but not have to worry about long-term leases and pay sky-high rent each month. There are plenty of plans available and you can chose to suit you. Costs of the office space are shared between the users. Not only will you be spending a lot less, you also have the pleasure of having an office in which to run your business.

Save On Those Cups Of Tea

Instead of venturing out to Costa to change up the location and filling up with teas and coffees, you won’t need to do this anymore. Not only do shops have poor internet connections, after you add up having two coffees and a sandwich you’re looking at spending roughly £9 each day. A place at Fruitworks starts from £3.50 per day, you do the math. Plus we supply the tea, coffee + fruit.



Quite often there will be two people in the same industry and you will find yourself competing with them which can be uncomfortable. However, you should turn these competitors into possible allies and if you have similar goals, you can put can heads together and dominate the world (or near enough)


As much as co-working spaces increase productivity compared to working at home, it can be distracting for some. A co-working space should benefit all of their members and try to make them as comfortable as possible, and that’s why we have implemented an area where people can talk on the phone that is separated from those who would like it a little quieter.


Naturally in any space there will be some people that don’t get on with others. Any disputes should be settled politely, if not at all possible then you don’t need to sit near them. You always have the option to be in group or to work on your own, co-working spaces are here for your benefit.

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