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Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

It’s certainly been a tough year and signs are the end to the year won’t be much better.

So, you might be tempted to jump onto Black Friday to try to recoup some of your lost sales?

Ready to jump In?

Yes, you could jump in, select a few products, offer 50% discount, and keep your fingers crossed…. but in our experience a knee jerk is fraught with danger.

But jumping in isn’t the right strategy if you want to make any money, or not lose any!

Misplaced, knee jerk or ill-conceived Black Friday campaigns have claimed many, many victims. Businesses that jumped in without planning, without understanding the implications or without a clear goal.

They ended up wondering where it all went wrong…

We know business owners might be scared to participate and they ignore all the hype. Definitely the best strategy if you’re scared to get involved.

But what if you want to join in but need some help to get organised… to do the planning?

How to Make Black Friday a Financial Success.

In one word: planning.

Yes it needs planning just as you would your summer holiday or a house move. The devil is always in the detail.

But where do you start?

Getting a clear objective is the best place and then plan out from there. I can hear you saying, that’s fine but how…….

Well, we’ve put together a 17-page guide to take you step by step through the 12 point planning process. That way you’ll make sure your Black Friday campaign is a financial success.

You can get hold of a guide right now for £6.99. This link will take you to the payment page and your download.

If you fancy waiting a while (until Oct 20th) then you can enter our draw (email required) by downloading another free guide, we have written 57 Crucial Questions for Business Owners. Everyone who downloads the questions will go into the draw for a Black Friday Planning Guide. Closing date is midnight on October 24th, 2020.

Good luck with your Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaign. We know you can make it a great success instead of a financial failure.

Shirley Mansfield & Phil Beavan

Business Planning in a Box™ https://bpiab.co.uk