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Need help with small business accounting?

...Let RIFT show you how to make it all add up.

The Business Bunker





Tuesday 20th October  1pm




Sonya Kimpton de Ville





Grapvyn is an app that complements and enhances CRMs and social media by facilitating easy connections, and automatically feeding Sales Intelligence into your CRM.  Helping you to help turn this information into New Customers or Vendors and accelerate your sales funnel.





Shirley Mansfield & Phil Beavan 

Business Planning in a Box


Business Planning in a Box™ is not simply a set of templates for you to fill in – populating a template is not business planning.  Business Planning in a Box™ allows you to fully embrace, understand and lead planning in your business – making it simply part of what you do.



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Presented by Paul Andrews & Jules Serkin