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Staff Training

Staff Training & Development – Is It Really Worth It?

After all salaries are often one of the highest of company costs – so in this BLOG we explore if investing in ongoing staff training & development really is worth the money…


A staggering 2 out of 3 UK workers have changed jobs due to the lack of training & development as revealed by Totaljobs.com – and 40% of employee’s leaving within the first year do so due to a lack of correct job training! It’s no wonder employee’s seek new opportunities with a resulting high turnover of staff in companies where they feel undervalued!

How do you know if you need computer training – well if you answer yes to the following questions then a session or two would be of major benefit to you & the company you work for;

1. Do you take more than 15 minutes to format a document of less than 15 pages?
2. Do you spend more than a few minutes applying a function to Excel?
3. Do you spend time googling for how to do’s?

There is a difference between ‘knowing how something works’ and ‘knowing how to use it effectively’!

A recent study discovered that the cost of low computer skills equates to about 7-10 minutes of lost time per hour per person – that’s millions of £’s of lost money & man hours per year!

Computer training can help your company increase productivity & decrease wasted man hours and inefficiency. This will lead to an enhanced customer experience, with staff able to answer external & internal correspondence more readily, creating reports and presentations much faster.

Group training sessions in your company provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere where staff can either train on their own laptops or use training equipment provided. Often such training sessions also act as a problem-solving exercise too, further increasing the value add to the business!

Online Training vs Onsite training? – Whilst online training is great for the self employed & those who are out on the road all day, we know from experience that for office workers group sessions far outweigh a remote voice talking to you over a screen. Group sessions bring the software alive & questions can be answered immediately whilst problem solving tasks you may be stuck on.

Our conclusion is that Staff Development & Training is essential to the smooth running of a business ensuring good staff retention, morale & higher productivity levels.

To find out more about our computer training courses please visit our website www.oregentraining.com