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Managed IT

How a Managed Service Provider can help your business…

Running a successful business in a competitive market takes more than just mere luck. You need to make the best, most strategic use of all the tools at your disposal! As a small to midsize business, you aren’t only attempting to stand out against similarly sized companies, but to level the playing field against large corporations dominating the industry at a national and global level.


How do you keep keep up with the demands of your growing business, from sales and marketing to IT? Development often puts strain on your internal IT staff and your budget. No department can adapt seamlessly to the demands placed on it without the right support. Managed IT Services (MSP) can help to shore up your in-house staff or provide full coverage when you need it, providing a range of benefits for your business.
Below are some benefits working with an MSP can bring:

IT Support, for Fully Outsourced or Hybrid Departments
Whatever your current IT setup and wherever you plan for it to go, an MSP can help to optimize your companywide productivity. By taking over duties like remote help desk, network monitoring, security (anti-spam, encryption, firewall management), and cloud services, an MSP can provide help where you need it most. Contracting IT support out to a third party that you trust, bridges gaps in your coverage where your processes are especially vulnerable, whether they’re carried out as part of a hybrid (internal IT staff working with outside IT consultants) or fully outsourced solution.

Access to Newer Technologies
MSP’s should be up to speed with all the latest technologies whether on-site, Cloud or mobile technologies. They will work with you to make the best use of technologies as they develop and mature. In this way you can always be sure you are getting the best from your investment in a secure way.


ROI/Cost Saving
One of the greatest advantages by far of contracting with an MSP is the ability to account for and anticipate monthly spending. Knowing how much your bill for IT support will be gives you greater peace of mind. Saving money on the regular oversight and maintenance of your network and systems will enable you to plan for future department needs, including growth, hiring, updates and repairs.

Enhanced Security
An MSP can deliver the added security on-site and in-the-cloud to guard your vital business data against exploitation by ransomware. An MSP offers :
• managed backup,
• fully managed endpoint security,
• remote monitoring and management (RMM) of pc’s, servers, Apple Mac’s ensuring security patches are applied in a timely manner
• email and web security
• managed firewalls and other perimeter security
• advice and assistance with the technical aspects of GDPR, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials (to differing levels depending on the MSP)


Peace of Mind
This is a benefit of managed IT services that is discussed a lot because it is so important. You don’t want to have to worry about your daily IT operations. You really don’t want to have to second-guess the reliability and speediness of your network connection. Additionally, you don’t want to have to worry about what the state your IT environment will be in while commuting in to work each morning. Working with an MSP gives you 24x7x365 coverage to ensure your IT environment is working when you need it.

Services like RMM and the security suite that MSP’s offer the detection of potential disturbances and vulnerabilities, allowing them to resolve these problems before they develop into more critical threats. By offering fully managed IT support, an MSP can often troubleshoot and remediate glitches or bugs before you are any the wiser.

In working with the right MSP, key executives can take advantage of outsourcing various tasks to a trusted partner – allowing employees to focus on other business functions and gaining peace of mind.

For a FREE & confidential discussion about the benefits for your business, please contact Jonathan Brown at BrownSpider IT on 01622 961155, [email protected].