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Right now in the UK we have the highest number of people in employment ever. Yet there are still as at time of  writing more than 800,000 unfilled full-time jobs . So if you’re having problems, finding a role or even getting an interview maybe theres something going wrong with your application

Heres how to apply for a new job or career and give yourself the best chance of at least getting an interview



1. Do your research

Once you’ve read through the job posting, do some research on the company. Check out their company website and read through their careers page if they have one. Read their blogs and  company news. This will give you a better idea of what the company does and how you can market yourself to the employer. LinkedIn is also a great source of information to help your research. Do they have a Facebook page? Check out their postings.


2. Customise your CV  and covering letter to suit the position.

After gathering information from your research , you should be able to write a covering letter and CV that’s tailored to the role.  Write an application that shows your interest in working for the company and use your personal statement to highlight how your skills fit the position.



3. Manage your social media profiles.

When you apply for a job, the first thing an employer will look at after your application is your social media profiles.

Before you apply for the job , make sure your social media profiles display what you want employers to read. This means your LinkedIn profile should be up to date and have a professional looking photo . For tips on social media Do’s and Don’ts see here 

Heres a blog on keeping you LinkedIN profile fresh


4. Locate the name and email of the HR Manager or Person doing the hiring.

By finding the HR Manager, you’ll be able to customize your covering letter and make sure your application stands out.


5. Check your CV 

Run your CV through a spell checker . Get someone else to proof read your covering letter and CV for grammar & punctuation  errors